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Meet Dave

A human attempting to be more human

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    Dave Rief

    Weightlifting Doc

    ‘02 weightlifting begins and the bill adds up over time.

    ‘07-08 Training continues with NROTC at University of Washington. Dave declined a second year with the NROTC unit and a commission as a future Naval officer for a focus on their athletic abilities.

    The training years of ‘08-’09 led to a silver medal at Jr. Nationals leading to a spot on the US Jr. World Team. Dave owes this to their parents financial planning and brother for his attendance to Annapolis Naval Academy.

    ‘16 Doctor of Chiropractic. The completion of their formal and time consuming educational journey. Allowing them access to a license to deliver physical medicine and help the community they joined back in ‘02. These additional letters behind their name allow them the opportunity to expand their experience from training to the training of others to improve their journeys and outcomes.