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Went into my appointment with Dr. Rief with pain in my chest that was making it difficult to breathe & conduct normal daily tasks, let alone workout. Dr. Rief warmly explained how he/ they would proceed and with each action they took, my pain lessened. They swore he wasn’t working miracles but I might argue otherwise because it’s now been 3 days since my appointment and not only is the pain almost totally gone, but I’m back to my normal activity levels. If you’re an athlete or just want to improve your mobility, I can’t recommend Dr. Rief highly enough.

Recreational Athlete

Dave has been a great source of knowledge as well as a great chiropractor, they work with you to make sure you understand why you hurt and gives you tools to help yourself if these problems ever arise. They're my go to chiropractor! They're one of the best!


After nearly a decade working in the health and fitness industry, Dr. David Rief is one of the only healthcare professionals that I trust not only with my own health, but that I trust with the health of my clients as well. His attention to treat each person as a whole as well as an individual is just one thing on a long list that sets him apart.

Powerlifter and Gym Owner

David (Dr. Rief) is an attentive and caring chiropractor. They are skilled at communicating what they are doing during a treatment and why. David has a very positive manner and I leave feeling better with actions I can take to become healthier and stronger. I recommend David highly.

Master Weightlifter

Dr. Dave has been a game changer for me not only as an athlete but as a working k9 handler. He is the only person I will go to for any chiropractic care. Kind, compassionate, non judgmental and throughly enjoys seeing his clients succeed.

“Okay-ish” fitness athlete

I reached out to The Weightlifting Doc to help improve my Olympic lifting technique. I was unable to progress through doing my own research (YouTube/IG tutorials). I’ve made some solid gains both physically and mentally! I am now able to pinpoint (to an extent) areas that need improved when I miss/fail on lifts. Definitely contact him if you want to improve your technique!

Musician and fitness enthusiast

Being in the service industry I appreciate thoughtfulness and efficiency and overall positive experience when I see it. My interactions with David Rief was supported by a thorough knowledge of proper movement and an intimate skill set specific but not limited to weightlifting. They communicate well and deliver an experience that is easy to digest and implement.

Master Weightlifter and gym owner

Based on our two brief sessions I would say that Dr. Dave is very professional, they provided corrective exercises, and I am sure that they are very capable… We had very limited exposure when it comes to their work. I do think the world of their potential!


Dr. Dave has been amazing during the time I have been seeing him. Between my back, knee and shoulder pain he's helped with everything and went above and beyond to help me. Even making changes to his schedule to accommodate my needs. Definitely recommend to anyone.


I left my appointment feeling heard and motivated to understand my body and it's signals better. As someone with a history of nerve pain affecting my athletic career, I've received messaging from providers that my pain isn't "real" or doesn't "count" since it doesn't reflect musculoskeletal injury. I appreciated Dave's deep acknowledgement of nerve-related conditions, understanding of (and curiosity about!) mental and physical pain pathways, and overall respect for my commitment to my sport as I sought pain relief through treatment.

Coach and Weightlifter

The best part about seeing Dave is the education. When you see Dave, they make sure that you are well equipped with the knowledge of what happened, and what you are doing to treat it. Because of Dave’s help, I am more knowledgeable about my body and know how to care for it so I can continue to move and groove!


Dr. Rief is a brilliant and caring chiropractor. Compared to other doctors, I believe what sets Dr. Rief apart are the ways they go beyond what I’ve experienced at other chiropractors. For example, in Dr. Rief’s eyes movement is medicine. They skillfully blend traditional chiropractic adjustments with an understanding of how a body’s muscles, fascia, and nerves interplay. During our sessions they made sure to go over specific movements chosen to assist with my particular aches and pains, built a daily movement plan for me to follow on my own time (which helped me recover faster), and checked in between sessions to see how my progress was going and answer any questions I had.
I am a life long athlete and currently a Fitness/Movement coach by trade with over 10 years of experience. Collaboration between doctor, client, and coach is encouraged by offering helpful training modifications and targeted accessory exercises to facilitate recovery and continue progress towards one’s training goals. In short, Dr. Rief is a knowledgeable, trusted chiropractor especially for active individuals. They have helped me on multiple occasions and I recommend them to my family, friends, and clients for their expert care. You are in good hands with Dr. Rief

Gym owner and Coach

Dr. Dave, or as I refer to him, ‘The weightlifting doc’ was an instrumental and tremendous help in accelerating my recovery from an extremely painful back injury, while ensuring the longevity of my results. Dave ensured that I had an adequate understanding of what my body was trying to communicate to my brain, was able to perform corrective work that had an immediate relief on my perceived pain, and worked with me to develop a plan for activities to mitigate my pain moving forward. I had injured my back three weeks before the Arnold Expo. I could not walk and it hurt to breathe. We worked together, and I was able to compete. Furthermore, he offered me the emotional support and encouragement I needed to trust my body again, to continue improving both in my sport, and life. Thank you Dave!


As a newer member to David’s work, I am very pleased with how personable, attentive, and professional he is. We spent the first appointment discussing my background and practicing general movements. From there, he knew exactly what treatments would be most beneficial for me specifically. I highly recommend!